Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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The moon valley in Argentina is one of the most magical places I have ever been to. There, as in no other place, the earth has its bowels open to show us its scarfs and to tell us the history of its existence very clearly. The immensity of the valley is so often awesome and exiting that moved me to compose the music of this album. I have tried to express with my music the series of sensations, colors and textures eternally changing of the earth.
OCCIS  my deepest dreams.
EMERGING FLAKES  Different moods and textures.
AFTER HUMANITY  Will humanity endure?


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My music is a non return music. It is natural for me to compose one way songs, like life itself, almost without repeating melodies. When I compose I feel as if I were looking at a fluent river going and going. My music sounds like you feel about it. The matter is that I don't compose the same style all the time. In 1 album you can listen so different instruments, rhythms and textures, that you would not believe that the same person composed it. I hope you'll enjoy it.What I highly enjoy is traduce all the textures, colors, sensations, all what it happens to me, changing moods and soul states. For me, variations are essential. I need to change materials, instruments, sounds and shapes. I'm talking about my art in general. Once my sculpture or music is traditional, but later I need to jump and break traditional shapes. My art is soft, aggressive, harmonious, disgusting, I always look for a final harmony.


The Moon Valley Part 1

The Moon Valley Part 2

Ischigualasto (The indian name of The Moon Valley)